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Long time combat flight simmer but have created various films and documentaries on WW2 pilots and their stories.
Enjoy watching Kelsey and have shown some videos to a few of those combat pilots. The stories they tell have been amazing.
I did 35 years in TV and some film work and have a screenplay idea that needs a pilot's opinion. Since 1984 when my buddy flew us from Oakland CA to Loreto in Baja Mexico in his Ercoupe (1,213 miles) I have been fascinated with anything aviation. I also think I may have been a fighter pilot in a past life, but something tells my I died because "I screwed the pooch".
Navy Vet, ground crew, that was a few lifetimes ago (1990-1994)
RC Hobbyist in rotor and fixed wing craft
I saw this video of pilots landing with zero visibility, how can they tell where the run way is? where it starts or even ends...?
They use the ISL landing procedure.

The ISL, displayed on the PFD assists the pilot flying to guide the aircraft inline with the runway.
Hello, Kelsey!

Many professional pilots made extra $$ working for FBO's. Were you ever a ramp agent prior to starting your aviation career?

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I worked at the FBO in Santa Barbara, (not a pilot), where many NETJET pilots flew in/out. Oprah's pilot Bob flew her in, via her Gulfstream frequently. Must be nice to have a limo meet you + your dogs
at your jets stairway.