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YF-22 crash (viral debrief nomination)


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I would like to suggest the crash of the YF-22 (prototype of the F-22 Raptor) in 1999 for viral Debrief.
A video of the incident can be found here
. In my mind the interesting part starts about 1:16.
The cause of the incident is published to PIOs due a flaw in the aircraft's control system. As my background is purely technical, I would like to understand the pilot’s actions. In a numbers game he has at least 232 kN of thrust (dry) and a maximum weight of 28,12 t. Which makes for a thrust to weight ratio of 0,84. With afterburners he would have had 310 kN resulting in a thrust to weight ratio of 1,12. In my mind he would have had enough thrust to pull up rapidly and get away from the ground to gain time to reassess the situation. Is there a reason not to do this?