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Viral debrief


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There are a few things worth noting:
  • The pilot in command is former Taiwanese air force so not your average pilot
  • They are based out of a grass/dirt field, not an actual airport so they have a lot more experience in off-airport landings than your average pilot
Still, it was a great emergency landing.


That video was great! The pilot's response after he got it on the ground was almost exactly like mine. Taiwanese pilot drops a GD. I dropped the F bomb like five times. At least in my case, lots of stress being released in that moment. LIke MsHighAltitude said, that pilot probably had more grass/dirt field experience than most of us. My first (and only) engine out was also my first non-airport off-field landing. Lots of firsts that day like the conversation with the pleasant woman from the NTSB.


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Looked like he picked a good spot to land. I think it was a little less firm than he would have liked but the other guy is right, they were alive. He didn't flip it, didn't hit anything too damaging, etc. Great job. Equipment can be repaired or replaced.