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Hello everyone!

Background about myself:
I’m a retired Air Force vet. I came from the maintenance world and now that I’m out, I find myself missing aircraft tremendously. I’ve always been interested in flying, just never really looked into it. That time has come and now my focus is getting my PPL this year.

My question:
I do have tattoos, a sleeve on my right arm to be open about it (nothing obscene or offensive). Would I be able to get hired for a pilot position if I wore a long sleeved shirt? With the acceptance of tattoos on more people now than ever, do you think short sleeves would ever be an option?


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Welcome to the forums, and thank you very much for your service!

Generally in a professional setting, having tattoos covered is always a safer bet. While I personally I find most tattoos to be perfectly acceptable, (especially if the person is otherwise professionally dressed and conducting themselves professionally) it's one of those things where there are very few positive possibilities with displaying your tattoos, and far worse ones for not covering them up.

In short, I'd recommend that you just wear a long sleeve shirt until you know for certain what the company or outfit policy is.
I know commercial pilots who have tattoos. You're required to keep them covered, like Zeede said. If it's not a sentimental tattoo you could consider having it removed!
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