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kelsey mentioned a communication app, where you don't need an actual radio,

could someone recommend me some?,.



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I just typed in something like ATC Tower awhile ago and found some there and did listen to some actual real time com


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would that include England?
Basically, yes.
You are only allowed to listen to transmissions intended to be public. You are not allowed to listen to private frequencies (eg. Emergency services are specifically mentioned, but I'm sure ATC would also fall in that category).

Of course people do listen as we are allowed to buy and own scanners, but only an idiot would admit to it
... like by connecting his feed to the internet :ROFLMAO:


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A kid tracking + posting on Tik Tock + Twitter the real time locations Elan Musk's + Bezo's jets for fun, which of course they don't like for security reasons. Musk offered the kid $5,000 to stop. Kid said he'd do it for $50,000. No go.


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I heard about that kid and I just love hearing things like that. I would hold out for him to pay for college and throw in a car too. As to not listening to ATC and other freq. I would build my own radio( scanner) and to heck with the tyrants