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piper apache plugs gap


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hello everyone i own a 63 apache with twin LYCOMING O-540-B1A5. & rebuilding both of them. & well let just say my dauther soon to be pilot ran both up & the service manual met the left side propeller. you do the rest, & now I'm at the point when I'm ready to drop both Engine's back in, but i don't know what the plug gap is, due to the manual meting the propeller. if anyone knows of where i can go to look it up, i would appreciate it. or know what the gap is i would appreciate it as well.


Don't shred the manuals in the prop.

Have you asked the manufacturer? Usually they are quite helpful with such things. Maybe at a cost. Unfortunately we have only Bombardier aircraft so I cannot ask for you.


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You can find a lot of the information and manuals online if you look up the model, can also always call lycoming or your local engine shop. If I still had the logs and manuals for our old apache i'd offer more help but that thing has been long gone now.