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Pilot accidentally lands at unfinished airport- oops!


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This is why Kelsey said to back up a visual approach with instrument navigational aids when talking about Air Canada 759. Had the Ethiopian flight tuned into the VOR-DME at the destination airport, the DME (distance measuring equipment) would've shown how many miles they were from the destination airport.


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Thanks. I accidentally put unfurnished in the heading instead of unfinished. It may have been both lol.


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It’s the whole “Moth to a flame” thing. You see the runway lights, that’s your runway. If you tilt your head down a smidge, you will notice that the line you are on doesn’t go anywhere near what you are looking at. If not in a glass airplane, all of your instruments are off the scale completely, but look at that well lit beautiful runway right in front of you.
The show Air Disasters showed a commercial jet landing on a closed runway that had bulldozers + construction. They clearly didn't have 74Gear Kelsey onboard using his navigational instruments + reading the updates + Notice to Airmen.