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Hey everyone. I'm currently in college for aviation and I'm at 15 hours of flight time. Sometimes when I fly, I rush some things in the checklist and I forget to do other things and it makes me feel like I'm a really bad pilot. For example in the circuit at another aerodrome, I forget to even put my takeoff flaps down and then at final I realize I have no flaps and overshoot. Or, I mess up on radio calls. Is it normal to mess up at 15 hours and just be confused during some flights and make mistakes and then other times you do really well?


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There is a reason there are 2 pilots up there flying on a commercial aircraft, people aren't robots and they forget things. Learn from it and what I used to do is come up with a way to remind myself and double check before landing. Like most airline pilots use their lights to remind them if they are cleared to land or not. If you watch some of my videos on viral debrief I talk about a lot of mistakes pilots make and the ones I have done too. Don't worry about it just work on getting better.