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I’m a fan …


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So, early 30s here. I always have been fascinated by aeronautics. As a kid, my grandfather got me enthused he is retired AF. Not a pilot but I know he always wanted to have a chance in the cockpit. It’s what made me a “screw Disney! I want to go to Kennedy space center !!”
I wanted to join the AF myself. I did well on preliminary testing in high school … but diagnosed with type one diabetes popped that bubble. So… we both kinda live vicariously through 74Gears channel.

I wonder though, for someone into the nerdy stuff in flight, what can one do to experience a walkthrough. Flight school and piloting is out of the question for me. But I wonder the closest I can get ….
Or are there any nice pilots that might take me on a flight ?? Lol legally


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There's always support positions like mechanics, ground crew, etc. As for pilots depends on the area and have to just ask. Some might be willing to split the cost of the flight with you for some hours.