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How long to get from regionals to major airlines

Connor R

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I’m about 2 years from getting my CFI. Obviously right now with covid, the airlines aren’t hiring but assuming things go back to the way they were pre-covid, how many years typically do you spend at the regionals, and what’s the average salary throughout those years?


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Back in 2019 when everyone was on a hiring spree, it's not unheard of to go from a regional to a legacy in 3~4 years. Upgrade to regional captain in two and then another year or so to get 1000 turbine PIC. In terms of pay, one of the regionals on the west coast advertises Yr1 FO at $45/hr, Yr2 FO at $50/hr, and Yr1 CA at ~$80/hr. Add three zeros that's an approximation of annual salary. Before COVID the regionals were giving out new hire bonuses so some first year pay might have been in the low-mid 70's.

Kesley @74Gear has a video on pilot pay: