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How do I become a pilot?


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Hey There!

I am Lorront and I would like to know how do I become a pilot
Hello and welcome to the forum. It would help us give better answers if you could be a bit more specific. Which country are you in? What kind of pilot job(s) are you interested in? Have you looked into doing a discovery flight? Have you thought about how you plan to pay for training and living expenses?


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You can join a flight club with instructors. Alternately you can choose to lease/own a plane (or plane partnership) and hire an instructor for flight training. Or join the military.
Well, I didn't know that. We do it a bit differently in my country. Thanks for answering my question :)


Well, I didn't know that. We do it a bit differently in my country. Thanks for answering my question :)
There will be some differences in every country. There should be a government website for your nations aviation authority that can give you details.


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I recently started my journey so I hope what I did will be helpful to you. As MsHighAltitude said you can find a good flight club, have a talk with the instructors and they can advice you what's the best to do in your country. It applies for Australia too and that's what I did. They told me to get an aviation reference number, get my medical done and I already booked my first flight lesson. I'm getting an RPL (recreational pilot license in which you have some restrictions on where and when you can fly) first which is going to give me the chance to be able to fly around my area solo while I'm still studying for a PPL (Private Pilot License). If you have bad eyes like me you will need to get them fixed and then apply for a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). I hope this helps!


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I would like to know about it in India.
Sorry, I do not know anything about the airman certification system in India. I suggest you contact whatever government body is in charge of that in India, like the FAA is for the United States.