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Hello everyone!

There is no place for introductions, so I'll throw one in this random area! I am an old school forum user, a dying breed, though I'm not old enough to remember the original BBS!

Anyway, just want to say hi, I'll probably mostly lurk, as I am never going to fly a plane, thanks to disabilities, and I'm not really an enthusiast, I just came across one video in my YouTube recommendations, and watched more, then subscribed, and watched some more!

I do have a slight interest in the radio chatter, so those explanations are cool. I also recently saw the Harrison Ford video, he really didn't let ego come first, and that was cool, showed he was just human.

As for flying, I have flown once, or twice as it was a return! Wasn't the least bit scared, interested more than anything, watching everything going on for the first time, and I had a window seat, so I got to see things get small! It was fun, I enjoyed flying, would do it again!

But yeah, hello!


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You do hear some interesting stuff in the air. Sometimes you just know there's a collective chuckle among all the pilots (except one) on the frequency; sometimes it's like a collective face-in-palm, what-is-this-guy-doing sigh. 😄


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Welcome to the forums and yes every pilot will say something stupid on the radio at some point and regret it. I certainly had a total brain shut down reading a frequency back to a controller and just started counting for some reason once myself.