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Flight Attendant saves lives by preventing take-off with contaminated wings


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I heard about this. I cannot believe that the de-icing company let them leave the de-icing area with wings like that.


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Local news in Nashville got a statement from the deicing company: "A Safety Stop was immediately instituted by TDA at BNA with rigorous re-training. A Safety Alert combined with focused and mandatory meetings with ALL TDA stations that currently de-ice was conducted. This program was further expanded to include all TDA stations regardless of the availability of de-icing services."

Supposedly "after deicing operations, the presence of residual ice on an aircraft's wing is determined by a human deicer from a deicing ground crew via visual and tactile inspections."

More than one of the holes in the proverbial Swiss cheese lined up there, just kicking one team member to the side won't prevent it from happening again. Sounds like Frontier better add "visual inspection by cabin crew after flaps are deployed" to their own post-deicing checklists.


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I disagree. Airlines employ all kinds of professionals who are expected to do their job competently and correctly every time that does not require double-checking by the cabin crew. There are simply too many things going on to get a passenger jet on its way. Baggage loading, refueling, tug trucks and maintenance, just to name a few.