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Don’t try this stunt!


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My time in the Cav at Ft. Hood was great. Here’s a dumb stunt I did and survived. One day I headed out for a mission. I was solo. It was a warm summer day. After takeoff I turned West toward the field site. I was about 200’ agl and saw a dust devil ahead of me. I slowed to above 60-70 kts. I flew right into the dust devil(dumb move). Time in the dust devil was about one second. The bird rolled almost 70 degrees right. I was out of it, left cyclic to right the acft and get my heart back in my chest. I felt no problems with the bird so I continued on and finished the mission.
That was one of the dumbest things I’ve done while flying. Like I said in the title of this, Don’t Try This Stunt. I figure I got lucky because I was in and out real quick. I knew better not to try this one again. Fuzzy