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Dispatch School and Training


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I am interested in becoming an aircraft dispatcher, and I am in the process of deciding which school I should attend. Can anyone provide insight as to which aviation school is best? Sheffield, Jeppesen, ATP, etc.
If you already are a dispatcher, where did you receive your training and did you feel that your training was adequate once you began working?


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As far as which school is best, I'd say there really isn't a go to answer. They all are the same length, about the same cost, and will all lead you to get a little card from the FAA. Most companies don't really look much into what school you went to. Jepp, Sheffield, IFOD, and ATP seem to be the main 4 and from what I've heard will get the job done. A lot of it might come down to convenience. I chose Jepp mostly because I had a family friend a few miles away from centennial that I could stay with during the course.

I can't really speak for the other schools since I only went to Jepp near Denver, CO but every school will be a fire hose of information and you will be studying every free moment you have. At Jepp, from what I understand, If for whatever reason you do not pass the course, you are able to come back at a later date without having to pay for the course again. Which is awesome because people fail. In the current aviation industry I think the biggest factor that you might want to consider is what help does that school give to graduates in trying to find jobs. I still get routine emails from the Training Center Manager at JEPP with links to aviation job postings. During the course, we even had reps from Compass, back when they were still flying, come to interview folks.