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Can you be an airline pilot with a heart murmur?


I have a heart murmur but want to be a pilot. I don't have to take any medicine for it, and it doesn't affect my ability to be physically active at all. Do you know if this is possible?


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You should ask and see an AME about this. They can tell you what you need to know and if you may require some additional examinations or stuff.


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I've had a heart murmur since a child and was accepted for military flying, albeit 50 years ago. The naval doctor was quite excited and asked if I minded him bringing a colleague in to have a listen as "We don't get many of these."

But as Roichi says, get it fully diagnosed early as I understand there are different 'types' and some might be a problem. Like malignant or benign cancers I guess.


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You may want to check out my post about cardiac testing and related resources. The thing with murmurs (which is usually valvular regurgitation, although a heart shunt can create a murmur too), it all depends on how much the valve is leaking. All valve "leak" to some degree. They are not made out of titanium. As long as it is not more than mild, I would imagine you should be good (I'm not a Doc though; I'm a tech), but you will be required to have it monitored.