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Building heller old kit 1/100 concorde and caravelle from the "la légende heller" gift set

aurélien wolff

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Hello, I got this box for my birthday with a aeroflot A350 and a zvezda 747 8i wich I'll do in a british airways what if retro livery. The concorde is the 1964 project with a prototype livery being a mix between the 1st and 2nd concorde prototype, not much modification will be done on the model beside erasing the air france cheatline an tail marking that were engraved in the plastic and the caravelle will be the original 1957 heller livery wich seem to be base on a agency model

The 1964 concorde project:

french description from Air et cosmos : https://cap-avenir-concorde.fr/les-...eptembre-1964-concorde-description-generale-i
The caravell air france ads I use as a basis for this model wich has some difference with the real 2nd prototype

from: http://www.crash-aerien.news/forum/dessine-moi-un-avion-t10042-870.html

I already started the concorde and thought I'd got more issues with this kit, but the fuselage went good. I did had to modify the nose to make it somewhat accurate to the lowered nose of the prototype,had molding issues on one wing and injection marks on the landing gear doors.

By the way I got 2 more concorde for christmas, one air france wich will be the 8th concorde air france had the intention to get and the other a what if brannif livery from USairfix



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Well there's a coincidence. I've not thought about the Caravelle for years but discussion about noise in another thread reminded me yesterday of watching one take off from Malta in (probably) late 60s. It was absurdly loud and incredibly slow - like a loaded WW2 bomber. I was wondering if it would ever actually leave the ground.
And today ... up it pops again :ROFLMAO:

Enjoy the builds (y)

aurélien wolff

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The build is proving less troubesome than I thought, the wing went somewhat well, just had to glue them bit by bit but I had to unglue 2 landing gear door because I forgot to paint inside the fuselage, I didn't thought it'd be so visible. I putted it on its stand and it look quite good with the nose down



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Very cool! I have a small collection of 1:200 scale airline models, and I'm really anal about sticking to that scale :)