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Boeing or Airbus?

Boeing is better who agrees?

I think that Boeing is better, mainly because of their history. Although I agree with CJK Sim pilot/spotter, I prefer Boeing because I feel as if I was riding a museum, because it reminds of the history of the Boeing Company.
-S. J.
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I like Airbus. Not only because I'm European and have an Airbus base in my hometown (hearing the Beluga and the A320 family approach XFW daily from my apartment). I feel like they have a better philosophy. The MAX disaster, together with improper oversight by the FAA (for "patriotic" reasons?), showed that milking an outdated model way past its use-by date against more modern competition is neither a winning strategy nor sets the right priorities. In aviation, the number 1 priority is safety (a lesson that even the FAA had to learn the hard way after ValuJet and Colgan Air, but seeing the MAX, I don't think they really did).

Airbus is not afraid. They accepted defeat with the A380 (although I must say after hearing passenger reviews about the A380, I don't understand the airlines with their total fixation on cost while not giving a damn about increasing the revenue with a good passenger experience), and they are capable of developing/introducing new models, if necessary. Boeing, in contrast, seems unflexible, almost paralysed, and they don't seem to have realized that they need to come up with a new model to replace the 737. It's almost like their mindset is stuck in the 1980s. Where is their vision for mid-range air travel? They can't compete with Embraer and the Japanese Canadians (plus Airbus A220) on the regional level, they put the NMA on hold, and the only really new model is the Dreamliner - against the easily modernizable A330 and A350, all while leaving the field for modern mid-range jets to Airbus' A320 family. Instead, they try to revive the 757 after it took them 16 years and a pandemic to realize that it is the only model in their portfolio that allows to be MAXed (or, let's say, NEO'd) without having to deal with the restrictions of the 737. It feels like Boeing is living in its golden past.

I might start liking Boeing more as soon as their focus shifts from shareholder value back to producing up-to-date aircraft and honest moneymaking.
You know, I think you're right. I still like Boeing for it's history, though.
-S. J.