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Best Airlines EVER!!!


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Alaska Airlines, i use to work with them in SLC. I work for another airlines at a different airport now, but ya, they are the best.


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In Europe, Ryanair. In the US, Spirit. Flown with both. If i had to name one of them, it would be Spirit, because they cancelled my return flight, so that I could fly a different airline to get back to IAH.

{Sarcasm End}

On a serious note, I have great experience with DragonAir (now Cathay Dragon i think), and Lufthansa.

Of the budget airlines, Norwegian have always felt less cheap, with new planes and 10 kg cabin baggage allowance. Although since september or something you need to pay extra for "overhead bin"-luggage. Still 10 Kg allowance though.


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Delta Airlines. I've flown with them for about 10 years, and they are the best. Their flight attendants are always nice, they have a relatively new mid-range fleet, and from both being on their planes and watching them, the have the smoothest landings.

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Delta air lines is the best. They were founded before American and United. They are a leader in politeness and on time rates. The prices can be expensive, but the trip is worth the cost, most of the time. Snacks are consistent with their signature cinnamon biscoff cookies. HQ in Atlanta ga, the busiest airport in the world. (I think because of delta’s success). Finally, it is my dream airline to work at in which I will get there.
From a purely passenger POV I have to say definitely Lufthansa (reliable, efficient and safe) closely followed by Etihad and Cathay Pacific (both most excellent service, they go above and beyond for you)
On the other end Air France (arrogant, insisting on speaking French with you) and Ryanair (torn with this, fly with them the most, but oh boy...)


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I have the most experience as an air traveller with Delta, then United, and American. United Express is currently my only option (unless I want to drive 2+ hours away to larger cities), so I’ve become quite familiar with its Denver Hub. For the most part, decent experiences.


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Air New Zealand. Flew LA - Auckland on the 747 years ago and was by far the best flying experience I've had.
In U.S. It is definitely Hawaiian. If anybody disagrees I don't know why. Hawaiian is the only airline I know that has ac on its sometimes 10min island hopper flights also they have beverages on their 10min island hopper flights. No airline can beat that
I’ve always flown United Airlines so I love them. However, I love American as well. I was allowed into the cockpit of an AA flight and got to shut down the APU. So I love them both.
i got a similar experience on american when I was on a 757 from Kahalui to Phoenix
Alaska Airlines, i use to work with them in SLC. I work for another airlines at a different airport now, but ya, they are the best.
i had the worst experience on Alaska. We took off at midnight for ORD from ANC. We landed at 11:00 am Central Time in Chicago and even though it was way past breakfast time we didn't get food not even first class got a meal. All first class got bag of peanuts. The seat was so uncomfy and the plane was in need of a clean. Also it was so uncomfortable I couldn't get any sleep.


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How is southwest the best????? They don't have ac and drinks on their 10min island hopping flights like hawaiian
they are an all economy airline with good prices, legroom, seat choice (depending on your number) and best of all free inflight snacks so overall best airline because of value.