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Any interesting reads related to Aviation?

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To the readers among us:
Any aviation related books that you would suggest?
Free, paid, digital, hardcopy, technical, biographies - Door is wide open!


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I've not read it (it's on my Amazon wishlist) but a little while back someone (I don't remember who, could have been in here) recommended "Your Captain Speaking: Views from the flight deck".


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E. Torenbeek - synthesis of subsonic airplane design
THE scientific book about airplane design. A bit outdated, but all necessary design principles in one book. The examples are just from the 80s and the numbers too.

O. Lilienthal - Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst
The first scientific explanation and experimentation of airfoils and their properties.
I do not know if there is an english translation.
Good read but a bit awkward as some terms are used differently now.

Michael Crichton - Airframe

For the thriller department.

I may have some more in my shelf. Have to take a look after work.

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