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Any Aviation Jobs to start at if your still getting your HS Diploma / GED?


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Hello all just wanted to ask are there any aviation jobs that are being offered to anyone who is still getting there HS Diploma or GED any help would be great i currently work part time at a Burlington Coat Factory to make some money to save up for flight school computer parts etc and daily life needs.Only been at the job for 2 weeks now. I Live down in Texas the Sugarland Area so any locals near me who are looking for the same thing or are in a an Aviation Job. Please reply to this thread. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Joseph V.


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I am going to necro this topic because I am in a similar position that you are. Maybe some fresh eyes will yield some response


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Find job(s) that will allow you to save up enough for flight school. Doesn't have to be at the airport. Also get your college degree.