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Air crew especially cargo and limited passenger flights meals?


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I was wondering adout food, especially on non-passenger flights.
I assume someone has to plan food?
Is it done by the airline or do you (The crew) have to order your food as you get your stuff ready on your way to the aircraft?
Do you get to pick a menu?
I assume you don't pack a cheese and onion sandwich and a flask.
Do you think "oh we're going into "Bob's hairy armpits international airport" and think catering or food is crap from here and some places you think "oh good "Harriet the milk cow international airport" the in-flight meals they do are good here"?
Or do they feed the same all over the world?
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The crew get to pick from the choices that are already on board.

Customarily, the pilot flying gets the first pick, because the rules state that the pilots have to eat different meals, in case of food poisoning.

You should watch some of Kelsey's older videos, as he covers topics like this in many of them.
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