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A Little Humor Couldn't Hurt


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I think we should have a place to post aviation-based humor, videos, jokes or cartoons. I'm aware that these can sometimes get out of hand but the general forum rules should address any R or X rated material.

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Well actually I didn't expect it would be judged
It's the internet ... EVERYTHING is judged :)

I'll try another one that hopefully doesn't offend anyone.
I wasn't offended, but some FOs might be.
But the 80/20 rule means you (or any given joke/comment) will always offend someone.
With humour I think that if it offends no-one it probably isn't really funny. Criticised but not lynched is probably the sweet spot :)


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Gosh it was a JOKE, she did know what she was saying and what it meant. Please start watching George Carlin, unless really really foul language upsets you


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I prefer something with more… flare.

The sizing of big boy/girl pants varies from person to person. As hard as it may be, let’s all try to be less critical when it comes to other people’s choice of apparel. 😊