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    Can an airliner on an IFR flight plan cancel it mid-air and "go VFR"? (IN CANADA)

    Can an airliner on an IFR flight plan cancel it mid-air and "go VFR"? This is based on Canadian Air Regs.
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    Do you need a flight plan for VFR Flight Following?

    I've been trying to figure this out, but it seems impossible to find the simple answer anywhere.
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    What does "CLOSED" traffic mean?

    When doing traffic pattern for touch and goes or whatever, I sometimes hear ATC or pilots sat for example: "Left CLOSED traffic" what is "CLOSED" traffic?
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    "Ground POINT 75" Where's the other half of the number?

    What is the first half of the frequency when ATC says something like "Ground .75"? Is the first number always the same? How did this trend start? And why don't they say the whole number?
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    Question for the ARFF heroes: WHAT DOES "CONDITION ONE CHARLIE" MEAN? I hear this get broadcasted over the speakers in the Fire Hall when Tower calls about an emergency inbound. Are there other codes too? What do they mean?
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    ILS Holding Point

    I know that if the ATC says so, the pilots have to hold short of the ILS holding points, but what do they actually guard/protect? What happens to the ILS if the plane crosses it?
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    What's the difference? Resume Own Nav, Continue as Filed, Cleared on Route

    I hear ATC's tell pilots things like these, but what is the difference between them? I kinda think "Cleared on Route" might be the Canadian version of one of the others, but I'm not sure. There might be even more instructions that could easily be confused with the ones I've listed, so if you you...
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    Why is Airbus better than Boeing?

    Dumb question I know... I'm doing an essay for school about why Airbus is better than Boeing. I KNOW BOEING IS GREAT TOO, But for this specific case, I need pro-airbus points. I've thought of quite a few, but if you could suggest anything you find or think of... It would be most appreciated...
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    I've noticed that a lot of ATCs in Europe use the command "Line up and wait behind next landing aircraft", however I've never heard it used in Canada or the US. Is it not allowed in North America, or just rare?
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    Difference between Missed Approach & Go-Around

    Does anyone have the answer to this? What is the difference between Missed Approach & Go-Around?