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  1. Siris

    Cessna 172N plane crash

    Oil on the windshield for an N model would mean the oil had to come from somewhere at the front of the engine as there is a bit of baffling at the back of the upper cowling there. My plane is an N model and when the cylinder went most of the oil ended up down the side of the aircraft and only...
  2. Siris

    Frontier and Spirit to merge

    If the costs weren't so high to get started that might have been true but planes only get more expensive each year and that's not accounting for all the other odds and ends that need to be sorted financially.
  3. Siris

    EEEEEEEE sound when the plane was taking off.

    Is single engine taxi a common thing in the airlines or just something they use to save fuel when they might be waiting for a while?
  4. Siris

    Fatal Crash NTSB report explained

    Dropping flaps increases drag and changes the flying characteristic of the aircraft. It isn't always a good idea. I haven't ever flown an extra so can't comment on that particular aircraft also keeping the gear up would reduce drag and the likelihood of flipping when making a forced landing.
  5. Siris

    Fatal Crash NTSB report explained

    The mechanical issue they were discussing was engine related and would not, in and of itself, have led to a stall and subsiquent crash. It sounds like they attempted what is offten refered to as "the impossible turn" and make a return to the airport after commiting to a take off with poor...
  6. Siris

    Aviation Headset reviews

    I know the Lightspeeds are pretty popular around here too as are naturally the bose options. Clarke is kind of the old stand by of the industry but isn't quite the giant it used to be.
  7. Siris

    Aviation Headset reviews

    I use a pair of clarks that could probably qualify as antiques about now. they work great though. see if you can get some on to try is my advice
  8. Siris

    UPS tail color?

    As they said before the color is actually a brown. Check a website called wingspallet it might help you. I use it a lot when I do 3D work.
  9. Siris

    FedEx wants to install anti-missile system on its planes

    What information is Fedex looking at that makes this a concern is what bothers me.
  10. Siris

    Landing a small light aircraft vs a jet

    I'd say there is a huge difference. Now I will preface this with I have never flown a jet but I have been lucky enough to right seat in a ford and I have some time in a Barron both of which were vastly different than the 172 in how the approaches felt. Not to mention a jet is generally going to...
  11. Siris

    the fairey rotodyne it was built in the late 50s

    The aerodynamics of a rotorwing on top of the increased mechanical complexity are both going to be major hurtles to cross. It sounds good on paper but to give you an idea there is very little major helicopter operation outside of flights to and from the rigs in the gulf (at least in the US.) I...
  12. Siris

    Suggestion for viral debrief?

    PAN PAN is a life threatening emergency that doesn't have risk to loss of the aircraft. Think someone having a heart attack on board kind of thing.
  13. Siris

    Is FAA really doing check rides via GoPro?

    Freight has always been a kind of wildwest for comercial aviation. The saying "freight dogs have no minimums" exist for a reason.
  14. Siris

    Somebody oughta ... Two low-cost suggestions to save aircraft

    honestly the radio chatter is funny enough "uhhh my engine just did something funky"
  15. Siris

    Can pilot use channel 16?

    generally speaking the radios we use for aircraft operate on a different set of frequencies from marine VHS though I have seen a few seaplanes that have one onboard.
  16. Siris

    Somebody oughta ... Two low-cost suggestions to save aircraft

    Having actually blown up an engine in flight, cameras wouldn't have helped me either diagnose or make it to the airport I managed to limp to.
  17. Siris

    AIRBUS delivered its last A380 + has stopped production.

    I know someone who flew Intruders off the Forestall in the late 80's early 90's (think he retired shortly after desert storm if I remember right). On the subject of missing ejection seats, reminds me of reading up on the late model Skyraiders outfitted with the yankee tractor rocket system...
  18. Siris

    Replying with smilies

    I've had the issue just when attempting to quote things from time to time regardless of the smiles I've found if I copy my text and just repost it to the box it works but it is slightly annoying.
  19. Siris

    Future aircraft

    Exactly, and really i'm just a sucker for flying boats so would be fun to see a modern attempt at one that isn't a jetski with wings and is actually useful. Hence why I used the lake as an example.