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  1. Brave_Aviator

    Height and weight restrictions

    I am just wondering are there any height or weight restrictions to be a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy or air force?
  2. Brave_Aviator

    Video idea

    More collaboration with fly with Stella on how pilot and flight attendants annoy each other! That was so funny and fun to watch!
  3. Brave_Aviator

    ATC radio calls complete

    I made my first ATC radio call today!!!! I’m so proud of it!!!! Thank you for all of the people who gave advice to me on the other thread “ATC radio calls” that helped a lot. I will always remember the moment when I first talked to the tower!
  4. Brave_Aviator

    College and flight training.

    Are there any universities that offer flight training for example to get like your commercial or atp certificate?
  5. Brave_Aviator

    Part 61 vs 141 training program.

    I know this might be obvious but I’m wondering if I can be a commercial airline pilot like at major airlines but I have been training so far for ppl under 61 program. Do you need to train under 141 to become an airline pilot or can you train in either one? Sorry if this is confusing.
  6. Brave_Aviator

    ICAO English proficiency test

    I am a native English speaker but I am very curious about this. Do native English speakers have to take the icao proficiency exam or do only international Non native English speakers have to take the test.
  7. Brave_Aviator

    Video idea

    Maybe you should try Microsoft flight simulator 2020! That would be an interesting one
  8. Brave_Aviator


    I don’t think this will affect me but is there a height limit or height that it too short to become a pilot. Cause I feel people under like 5 ft 2 wouldn’t be able to reach the rudder pedals.
  9. Brave_Aviator

    Pilot Certificate

    One you get your pilot certificate, can you use it in other countries and continents?
  10. Brave_Aviator

    Medical Certificate

    Is it better to do your medical exam before or in the beginning of flight training or at the very end?
  11. Brave_Aviator


    I want to know hard a checkride is or now it goes. Someone said it was open book for some part of it but idk if that’s true
  12. Brave_Aviator


    With a PPL can I let a passenger on board the plane and let them take control of the plane while i watch them or is this not legal?
  13. Brave_Aviator

    ATC radio calls

    I started flight school not too long ago and for some reason, i always get the nerves when my instructor asks me to make a radio call. Any advice on how to calm down and master radio calls easier?