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    spatial disorientation

    Why would a pilot rated only for VFR, get themself into an IFR situation, to their demise, from spatial disorientation? I've read about these situations several times; we all have. To err is human, + weather is somewhat unpredictable, despite radar. Yet many times they took multiple risks...
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    Jobs other than ATC and Pilot? Supporting roles in airports, aviation industry

    Great suggestion. The ones who make decent pay got hired before tier B was implemented long ago. Working for a commercial airline isn't the best way to get $20/hour, unless you have a specific skill. You'd make more being a bartender at an airport, at a good place.
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    Question about bachelor's degree

    You can join AOPA cheaply as a student, get their magazine, meet mentors + useful info. has free Future Pilot Forums, lots of resources, has pilots mentoring, + has info. on researching colleges. It's hard to make an informed decision from mostly reading college catalogs, as you...
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    As anyone here a 737 pilot?

    Petter H. online at Mentour pilot is a 737-800 pilot; trained in Sweden. He's done an interesting + fun video with Kelsey, discussing the jets they fly, etc. I hope they do more.
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    I went aboard the USS R. Reagan in San Diego + saw the track for the jets close up. Facinating...

    I went aboard the USS R. Reagan in San Diego + saw the track for the jets close up. Facinating. The Blue Angels never cease to amaze me.
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    Scary close call

    Great video with Petters magnifique comments. My brother was on a commercial jet flight, + said when he looked out the window he could see another jet VERY closeby. He loves to fly, but said that scared him, as it was not during takeoff or landing. I wonder how that happened that they were...
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    Question about bachelor's degree

    There's no sense in going to an expensive college if you're going to be in huge debt. You can go to a good public university, while getting flight hours. My college neighbor at Univer. CA. Davis, an inexpensive college for a top notch education, majored in Economics, + was a flight instructor...
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    Finding a Flight School

    FAPA (+ check out has Future Pilot Forums that are free career seminars. Pilots share their expertise + aviation info., to mentor + assist those interested in a career or in flight school. Kelsey is also an exceptional + extremely knowledgable mentor. My flight instructor friend...
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    Finding a Flight School

    Life is a journey, not a destination. Ditto your flying hobby to a possible career.
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    Student Pilot moving up

    I'll ask my my friend for you tomorrow. He's an instructor at FIT + a commercial flight instructor, + is getting certified as an ICAO English evaluator. He was just talking about this!
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    Ask a Controller

    Thank you. I 100% agree. You're quite knowledgeable! A friend who's a commercial flight instructor is getting certified as an ICAO English Language profiiciency evaluator.
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    Do pilots ever get scared when they are flying?

    A friend is a recently retired American Airlines senior pilot, who did long passenger flights. He told me it gets boring at times, but that he has been concerned during flight. They too are human + can run into nasty weather, etc.
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    I am now an Instrument rated Private Pilot!

    That's quite an accomplishment! Congrats!
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    Ask An Aircraft Mechanic

    My dads Cessna 182 Skylane threw a rod many years ago. He glided safely, with his 2 passengers onboard, to the ground. He's a civil engineer + meticulous regarding safety. Does this generally mean his mechanic possibly overlooked signs of metal fatigue or something else, or does this happen...
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    Pilot accidentally lands at unfinished airport- oops!

    The show Air Disasters showed a commercial jet landing on a closed runway that had bulldozers + construction. They clearly didn't have 74Gear Kelsey onboard using his navigational instruments + reading the updates + Notice to Airmen.
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    Pilot accidentally lands at unfinished airport- oops!

    I've never understaood why all pilots do not use all the navigational instruments + equipment to which they have access! Human nature, I suppose.
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    LX-VCF 'Not without my mask'

    A great photo!
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    Spotting at DCA was amazing!

    St. Maarten airport...videos show the wake turbulance affects the beachgoers very closeby. It's amazing to watch!
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    737 MAX Fiasco

    Well said!