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  1. Grounded

    COVID vaccine

    I suspect that's going to be something set out by each airline, but it's something I would expect them to adopt.
  2. Grounded

    Most Horrifying Things Airlines Do To Keep Their Prices Down | The Onion

    If there's anything I learnt from the TV show Avenue 5, it's that the crew are all paid actors, so number 2 is definitely true 👍
  3. Grounded

    FlyDoc breakdown?

    I just saw this video I am just wondering what FlyDoc is, and what they are looking for here, I can tell that oxygen was an issue, but why radio oxygen three times? Also, wow at the calmness levels!
  4. Grounded

    What are today's methods to stop hijackers in-flight?

    I know I have the right, or wrong state of mind, depending on perspective, to throw myself into a fight to defend others. So if I'm on a plane with anyone here, you can atleast count on one person! That's not to say I am strong, or even a good fighter, it's just that I have no issue throwing...
  5. Grounded

    Forum Newcomer

    Hello everyone! There is no place for introductions, so I'll throw one in this random area! I am an old school forum user, a dying breed, though I'm not old enough to remember the original BBS! Anyway, just want to say hi, I'll probably mostly lurk, as I am never going to fly a plane, thanks...