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  1. Zeede

    Anyone into pilot's watches?

    I have a small collection of watches, and of course, lately my additions have been pilot's watches. I recently purchased my first AVI-8 watch, and did a short unboxing! AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Carey Dual Time unboxing!
  2. Zeede

    Today I passed my Commercial check ride! (ASEL)

    @MsHighAltitude has asked me to do a write up, so here goes: The biggest difference from the Private Pilot check ride was the high level of professionalism and knowledge that is expected of you, in *every* topic. Yes, the oral is still very much open book, but you can't look too many things up...
  3. Zeede

    I am now an Instrument rated Private Pilot!

    I passed my check ride tonight, whee!
  4. Zeede

    Hilarious ATIS

    Caw caw! 😂
  5. Zeede

    Questions about building time after you get your Commercial Pilot License

    In researching commercial pilot jobs (I hope to have my CPL by the end of February or beginning of March) I've noticed that many of them require a lot more hours and a lot of specific time/type ratings. How are you supposed to get these hours? It seems a lot like the chicken or the egg dilemma...
  6. Zeede

    Questions about pipeline patrols

    I've heard that this is one of many Commercial Pilot jobs, but I don't really know much about it, other than it obviously involves flying along and inspecting pipelines. Could anyone give me a deeper dive into what this job entails? Typical hours (per day and per month) Typical starting pay...
  7. Zeede

    Flight gear review forum?

    Having just purchased my first active noise reduction headset, and having done a lot of research on IFR training hoods that work well with glasses, I would like to suggest that we have a flight gear review forum. Thank you for creating this awesome space, Kelsey!
  8. Zeede

    Question about Commercial Pilot cross country requirements

    I've been trying to decipher the specific rules and requirements about the Commercial Pilot cross country trips, and it's giving me a headache. As near as I can tell, I have to do three of them: 1) Lasting two hours, during the day, with an instructor, with a landing at an airport at least 100...