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    i want to break free

    so i want to go to Canada, only i i find what's troubling me is, flights to Canada is about 16-18 hrs At Least!!, as much as i love flying, i find an extended amount of time rather agitating,. any advice on how to cope with such long haul flights?,. i am considering Icelandic flights, as i...
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    once i accidentally discovered one of the low wave frequencies on my hand held radio, (that's normally meant for music stations) for London Stansted (near where i live),. so i spent months listening in on departure and arrival conversations,. is this allowed?
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    speed landing (flightsim)

    so i'm in either a spitfire or boomerang (i believe is an austrailian),. but i'm always coming in Way too hot, way too fast, i run out of runway, and have to "go around" for another attempt,. what's your recommendation to avoid "forever going around" for that "perfect landing",.? (i'm hoping...