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  1. Siris

    ATP Flight School: Thoughts?

    I've heard some ugly things about ATP myself but all of it is second hand so I can not speak to their validity.
  2. Siris

    Ifr traffic handoffs

    When in IFR your information will always be passed along to the next controller before you actually make the switch. In the case of flight following the key phrase to listen for is "For further flight following." If you hear that you have to reestablish following with the next controller just...
  3. Siris

    Hilarious ATIS

    Reminded of one my father heard from a united pilot while he was flying. The controller was being irritable with everyone and he just said "Are you down there because I'm up here or are you down there because I'm up here?"
  4. Siris

    Avionics Security

    Avionics generally don't "phone home" so not like you can just send a file of information to the systems then you have all the redundancies including the pilots themselves. You'd honestly have better luck trying to kick down the re-enforced cockpit doors.
  5. Siris

    Kelsey, how about your thoughts on this one?

    It's a testament to her instructor and a good example of how to handle a situation right.
  6. Siris

    Become an ATC in Flight simulator

    VATSIM has you pretty well covered there.
  7. Siris

    PPL Questions

    I would love to just get a chance to put it in the log book with the Ford. Made it a bit of a mission to try and collect various classic aircraft in the logbook.
  8. Siris

    Keeping the nose gear high after landing

    Great so we know who the leverage now! kidding.... mostly :P
  9. Siris

    If a plane reaches V1 Speed and it does not rotate, what do you do?

    If you reach that point then you missed something pretty serious prior to reaching there and shouldn't have been conducting that take off to begin with. That's a mistake on the level of leaving the gust locks in the controls during the walk around bad.
  10. Siris

    For Viral Debrief

    Watching stuff like this makes me both disappointed and glad I didn't have the gopros rolling when the cylinder exploded on me
  11. Siris

    Can a 747 do a flip or barrel roll?

    Cram together a bunch of the old gunships, get an AC-119 and AC-47 to go at it! Kidding
  12. Siris

    Mosfilm vs Reality - Pilot Reacts

    That is some return of the pink panther level hijinks there. Surprised they didn't take advantage of the navigator's station on the Tupolev at all.
  13. Siris

    Total aeronautical experience 700hrs+?

    In the US low time pilots tend to end up getting their instructor certificates and teaching or flying tour planes till they reach the times the airlines want. There are other options too but those are the most common from my expirence.
  14. Siris

    SOFIA - 747SP

    Wasn't there a couple days ago so I'd say so.
  15. Siris

    SOFIA - 747SP

    So was just poking around on indeed and saw an ad looking for pilots for SOFIA
  16. Siris

    Can a 747 do a flip or barrel roll?

    Yes it is. If you want a good example there is a famous demonstration Bob Hoover did where he barreled rolled a plane while pouring a pitcher of tea into a glass on the dash.
  17. Siris

    Viral Debrief - Cessna pilot records unmanned rocket explosion

    Don't they put a TFR in for those? seems awfully close.
  18. Siris

    Keeping the nose gear high after landing

    Every time you mention that B-25 I can't help but be jealous!
  19. Siris

    Getting your type rating

    I'll ask my father next time. One of the guys he worked with at Midway was also part of the first midway airlines and paid to fuel a 737 to rescue all the pilots that got stranded by the airline sinking.
  20. Siris

    2021 Airshows

    Looks like the only "big" one in NC this year will be Wings of Monroe. Good one for warbirds and they give rides too. The other one that would be up at Seymour Johnson AFB pushed back to next year which may be odd because usually they and Cherry Point alternate years.