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  1. Zeede

    I am now an Instrument rated Private Pilot!

    Oh, I see! Umm, I'll see if I can whip one up this weekend.
  2. Zeede

    Flight Attendant saves lives by preventing take-off with contaminated wings

    I disagree. Airlines employ all kinds of professionals who are expected to do their job competently and correctly every time that does not require double-checking by the cabin crew. There are simply too many things going on to get a passenger jet on its way. Baggage loading, refueling, tug...
  3. Zeede

    I am now an Instrument rated Private Pilot!

    A writeup?
  4. Zeede

    I am now an Instrument rated Private Pilot!

    I passed my check ride tonight, whee!
  5. Zeede

    Flight Attendant saves lives by preventing take-off with contaminated wings

    I heard about this. I cannot believe that the de-icing company let them leave the de-icing area with wings like that.
  6. Zeede

    Ear pain

    Ah! I was in Portsmouth in 2019 for a family reunion. I have no idea if Nashua is anywhere near there, but Portsmouth was very nice :)
  7. Zeede

    Ear pain

    That's great! I got my start in aviation almost exactly a year ago, so welcome to the wild world of flight! Which airport are you doing your lessons out of?
  8. Zeede

    Ear pain

    It sounds like a blockage combined with something else. Did the rental headset fit well? Maybe the left ear cup didn't fit as well and your discomfort was more due to the engine noise? Sorry, I can only guess! What method(s) did you use to try to pop your ears? My dad used to always chew gum on...
  9. Zeede

    Ear pain

    Congrats! My discovery flight was almost a year ago to the day, and I still remember it fondly. (I also remember that I got really motion sick twenty minutes into it, so it sounds like you did better than I did!) I find that sometimes I have to squeeze my nose shut with my fingers and then try...
  10. Zeede

    Wonder Woman

    Really? "Trash hauler"? Edit: If you do your own basic research you'll find out that they used the cockpit of a F-111 Aardvark and the fuselage of a Tornado to create a fictional plane for the movie.
  11. Zeede

    Looking for a way to fly

    Also, just so you're aware, no flight school gets you all the way to ATP, at least not in the United States. Flight schools get you to just over 250 hours so you can get your Commercial, and then they cut you loose. For an additional cost, some will get you your CFI as well. You need 1,500...
  12. Zeede

    ATP Flight School: Thoughts?

    My CFII went to ATP, along with five of the guys I've flown with at a chase plane operation. None of them would recommend ATP.
  13. Zeede

    Ifr traffic handoffs

    If you are on a flight plan or have flight following, then yes, the next controller knows what your intensions are. If they ask it is because they want to reconfirm something.
  14. Zeede

    Hilarious ATIS

    You're welcome!
  15. Zeede

    Hilarious ATIS

    Caw caw! 😂
  16. Zeede

    Kelsey, how about your thoughts on this one?

    Did you notice how the ATC went into full mom mode after that? Apparently Maggie's parents were at the airport to watch her off, and just had to sit tight and watch her circle around before landing. That must have been the longest 45 minutes of their lives.
  17. Zeede

    Getting an online degree

    This sentence isn't clear. What do you mean by "done as a flight instructor"? CFIs and regional pilots don't hand out degrees.
  18. Zeede

    Seattle hijack + crazy stunts...

    I wish people would stop calling it a hijacking. There were no other people on the plane and it was parked. He stole it.
  19. Zeede

    Ask a Controller

    Well, they're doing it all day, so eventually one would expect them to pick it up pretty quickly.
  20. Zeede

    Flights Schools - GTA

    Okay, Greater Toronto Area, not Grand Theft Auto. :D It's been decades since I've been to Toronto, cruising down the QEW. Is Pacific Mall still there? (and still super Cantonese?)