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    Emergency Landing?

    Passengers are never given the full information, mostly because nobody on board would even know what to do with that information. The worst case scenario is you'd incite panic, and the best case scenario is that the one A&P on board had his or her curiosity satisfied.
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    Anyone into pilot's watches?

    I've seen Swiss Ronda automatics or some of the Japanese ones in watches as cheap as $300-500. What is really rare these days is a manually wound watch. They're all quartz or automatic.
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    Anyone into pilot's watches?

    You certainly know your watches :)
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    Anyone into pilot's watches?

    I have a small collection of watches, and of course, lately my additions have been pilot's watches. I recently purchased my first AVI-8 watch, and did a short unboxing! AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Carey Dual Time unboxing!
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    Question about bachelor's degree

    Thank you for your service!
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    Hollywood vs Reality - Sharknado 2

    Oh awesome! I grew up near Glendale. There's another great aviation YouTuber, SoCal Flying Monkey, who is based out of Whiteman.
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    Hollywood vs Reality - Sharknado 2

    Welcome to the forums, and to the wonderful world of aviation! Where are you based out of?
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    Solo flight goes wrong!

    Yep, that one is a classic. Solid pilot, good CFI.
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    Fox News say pilots are incopertant.

    The default is English. If you call up Paris Approach and you're speaking English, they will respond in English, especially if you are not a French airline. I've heard of a few small countries in the Caribbean where they insist on all communications in French but internationally that is not the...
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    Media be like

    Hehe, in my experience the news calls everything a "jet".
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    Aircraft seatbelts

    It's basic physics. Try keeping an inflated beach ball underwater sometime. Then imagine trying to do it after a ditching, with a current (water rushing in) and while panicked. I'll have to look up the flight number, but there was a crash off the coast of Africa where several passengers were...
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    What Happens?

    They open a report and you could get a stern letter from the FSDO, a fine, a suspension or some combination of those. They have the tail number from ADS-B so it's not like you can just pretend you weren't flying.
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    Flying to China

    Last I checked, a degree is *required* to get your ATP (edit, only at the majors), so yes. Also, as is currently the situation, aviation is very cyclical. Having a bachelor's degree so that you can do something else if you get furloughed for two years is probably a good thing.
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    Flying to China

    I'm not sure what it is you're asking about, exactly, because your question is too vague. Also, are you asking about the rules in the United States, because they aren't identical in other countries. Are you asking about what certifications and/or ratings ATP pilots have, or are you asking about...
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    Flying to China

    Use your brain and not do things or bring things that are illegal in the country you're traveling to?