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    Ask a Loadmaster

    Uh that is a very theoretical question which lots of factors involved. The biggest problem you will have is weight distribution if the piece is taller then 248cm. In that case you would have to use the side cargo door to load the cargo which means you will be immediately restricted by the size...
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    LX-VCF 'Not without my mask'

    We have a new livery in the fleet o_O:)
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    Airline Pilot Reacts - Idea

    I thing those reaction videos are generally cringe but whatever floats the goat 😂
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    Specific to 74 Gear but if anyone can answer, go for it.

    We sometimes have bird going out with 3 captains and one FO, or just 2 captains, 1 captain 2 FO, or one captain one FO. A captain acting as PIC will always be present, the rest of the crew can be pretty much anything.
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    Ask a Loadmaster

    There is a huge difference between both. In general terms a Loadmaster is responsible to get as much cargo as possible on the airplane while the flight dispatcher is responsible to make a flight plan to get the aircraft from A to B. A loadmaster is part of the flight crew and is usually listed...
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    Ask An Aircraft Mechanic

    Do you own stocks in speed tape?
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    Toilet turbulence?

    They aren’t for sexy time with another passenger??:rolleyes::unsure:
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    Show us your daily aviation life!

    LX-VCA leaving for DFW
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    Ask a Loadmaster

    I am sure some pilots have questions why we sometimes do things the way we do them. So ask away and I will try to enlighten you :)
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    How can I make this forum better for you?

    Have a thread/ space where people can introduce themselves. It’s nice to know who is who.
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    Greeting The Flight Crew

    depends if you are one of the ex-wifes or not 😂
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    Fellow Loadmasters

    I used to be a Loadmaster / PSR at 5Y doing AMC flights so we probably know the same people.
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    Show us your daily aviation life!

    Took a cool picture today as pilot, cabin crew, mechanic, mechanic or loadmaster? Show us! Waiting for fuel.... Storm stopped ground ops for a short while.
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    Fellow Loadmasters

    No fellow 747 Loadmasters here?