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    Will Prime Air replace Fedex & UPS?

    I can speak from being there. Fedex is currently overwhelmed with freight at the IND hub so I dont think they will. They are good at moving there freight but large company shipments will be different I believe.
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    LIFT Academy

    They have brought the flow to Republic Airways back. They have also made connections with Cape Air for time building and they will also have some CFI openings also. The total cost as of now for the total amount for flow to Republic is $75,000 because Republic will put $15,000 in for you as long...
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    LIFT Academy

    Has anyone ever been or is currently going to LIFT Academy? I just got accepted into there 12 month accelerated course for PPL, IFR, Commercial, and Multi. as well as CFI, CFII, and MEI. I am trying to make some connections or see what some other people would reccomend. This has a direct...
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    747-8f deice

    Well just an update it did not go as planned. They deiced the 747-4 in the lane and while deicing they flamed out the APU. The pilots for that airline have not requested deice sense and i do not blame them. I was not their at the time of the incident but I was informed by one of my co workers...
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    Thread Intros!

    Hey all, My name is Ethan I'm a team leader for FedEx at the Indy hub. My current specialty is deicing aircraft but I have had a few years of loading and unloading them as well. we work with C208's, ATR42 and the 72, 757, 767, Airbus 300's, MD10, MD11, and 777 aircraft. Its one of the more fun...
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    747-8f deice

    So from what we have understood it will be an atlas air contractor for fedex at indianapolis. We have never had a 747 before in recent history so we had no scheduled deice plan. I just assist in running deice operations for them and had only seen videos
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    747-8f deice

    For my company we are expecting to get a 747-8 for the peak season and we are expecting to deice it. is the aircraft able to taxi with only two engines? if so which two would they prefer to use? does anyone have experience deicing the 747-8 for freight operations and if it was done at a deice...
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    Cargo Flying - Europe

    so I work for FedEx on the ramp currently and have been looking into it. The pilots make a pretty good wage especially when you become a more senior captain. They do currently atleast out of INDH have a lot of waivers for pilots wanting to come in and fly for them from what I am understanding.
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    AMA! I am a Student Pilot in American Airlines Cadet Academy.

    I would also love to get this information on how to join something like this. I am still new and only have about 5.5 hours logged but I am looking to somewhat streamline the process.