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Tetralogy of Fallot


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This is a heart problem that a friend of mine has. Does anyone know if he will be able to obtain any class of medical? It is not the disqualifying list on the FAA site, but that doesn't mean everything.


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It doesn't sound good from what I see. (My bolds)

It's a congenital heart disease and one source says:
Conditions that require routine and regular cardiovascular follow-up, have residual physiological consequence, or increase the risk of aeromedically important sequalae (such as palpitations and chest pain) are unlikely to be compatible with unrestricted professional aircrew duties and, due to the significant economic investment in aircrew applicants, may preclude individuals from successfully applying to fly.

A general medical source says about Tetralogy of Fallot specifically:
as an adult, your child will need lifelong regular follow-up with a cardiologist who's had special training in congenital heart defects.

As MHS says he needs a proper doctor to pronounce, but even if permitted it may be harder to find an airline that will take him.


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I know I'm late, but oh well. I'm a pediatric anesthesiologist who participates in the open-heart repair and subsequent procedures. Not at all aviation related, however, so you will want to be examined.

Most likely, I would guess no go, however. Tet repairs have varying levels of subsequent morbidity based around the severity of the original anatomic defect, the type and quality of the repair, how early in life it was done and if before major cardiopulmonary sequelae. However, even good anatomic repairs that will likely lead to a long life have an increased risk of arrythmias and sudden cardiac death.