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Supersonic Flight... Once More?


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If we really are getting back the SuperSonic aircrafts, it's going to make my trip home so much faster. Any news on when it'll be commercialised?


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[@ 8 September 2022]
Rolls Royce have pulled out, so Boom Overture is engineless for now.
It's definitely not a glider, so that's a slight problem.


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I don't know. It seems like sub-orbital flight is mainly recreational, and not actually for transportation. Plus, sub-orbital flight appears to be more expensive than supersonic flight. I found a couple of sources on this:


Dedicated Suborbital Launch Service
We will launch your payload to space for a fraction of the price of the competition
We offer our suborbital launch services to the following categories:





  • Typical flight altitude is greater than 120 km, allowing for 3+ minutes of high quality microgravity
  • Four standard payload module sizes for with three space-access options for flexible payload requirements
  • Lowest price per kilogram of any existing or planned suborbital launch vehicle
  • First launch to space: summer 2019

Here is the 2nd link (https://www.wired.co.uk/article/sub-orbital-flight-virgin-galactic-blue-origin) ; I didn't copy the article because it was too long.
Who is paying for it? Not the tax payers.


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Indeed! Maybe whenever you hear a sonic boom above you it may mean someone important is going somewhere. :LOL:
Supersonic again? Really. Technology to save the ozone layer was available. Don’t count your chickens yet however. Keeping the planet livable is more important than “fun” with airplanes. You are all going to be required to deal with sacrifices.

NASA/Boeing are developing a much needed prototype with lower carbon emissions.



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YOu will never get it. Goodbye
I think you are confusing forums like this with Facebook/Twitter. On the latter there is always some moron ready to stroke your ego or flame you. In most forums people aren't there all day long and will only comment if you've said something of interest to them or they have something to add or say.

This is actually a pretty quiet forum, so often goes for a while without posts, so if you want more 'action' then elsewhere is probably better for you.


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What? I can assure you that I’m not looking for more “action” and I wouldn’t know what to expect from FB or Twitter as I don't use them. I have a PhD and an Extra Class amateur radio license. What I am saying is that it appears that you don’t understand the concepts I am talking about. The need for a Safety Culture and why supersonic transports are unlikely to reappear any time soon are examples. I don’t know you very well so perhaps you are intelligent but are just hiding it.

For example, you seem to be extremely excited about “supersonic” aircraft reappearing but fail to grasp that airplanes of the future will have to operate at reduced carbon emissions levels or there won’t be any airplanes.

I told you that I worked for 23 years as a technical architect so the ideas I am discussing are the things that I know and do. I see no point in continuing that here as there are fundamental differences in our world view. Whatever you learn in high school or flight school doesn’t seem to provide understanding of the world.

In the future you will have to make sacrifices. If you don’t comprehend that and behave accordingly, it isn’t my problem. I really have more important things to do.

Please delete this account. I don’t want my ideas appearing in your place.

Good luck.