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Start aviation career at middle age?


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Question: is it reasonable for me to pursue a career in aviation?

I'm 48 years old with a background in banking and finance. Totally bored. I've dreamed of flying but never had the guts to pursue my dream.

I'm in a position financially that I could get from zero hours in to ATP with no debt. But I also realize that at my age my career opportunities are limited.

I'd be thrilled to run regional freight on little turboprops. I'm not expecting to fly a heavy with a major airline. Thats fine, and a salary in the 50-60k range would be fine.
Generally in good health. I don't have a medical certificate, but I don't think it would be a problem.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!


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Hi @jakia and welcome. I would recommend doing a discovery flight if you haven't and finding out if you can get a first class, or at minimum a second class, medical certificate. If you train at a Part 141 school like ATP, you should be able to obtain all the necessary certificates and ratings within a year. Add another year or two to build up the 1500 hours to fly for the airlines, you'll still have close to 15 years. If you choose to keep working after 65, there are job opportunities like charter operations. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.