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On-time performance airlines/airports

I have found the below report about 2022 departure-on-time for airlines/airports and first I found it really interesting KPI but now I wonder how and for what purpose is it used.

Of course as a passenger I want only min late departure/arrival, but I guess costs vs services vs flight time are the first factors during booking decision and maybe a general DOT "risk" comes into the picture afterwards.

@pilots: did you experiance any pressure/incentive from your airlines to improve on DOT? Is it a factor in any of your decision (choosing airline, bidding for flights, preparation procedure, calculating last leg and commute, etc)

Maybe it is like "employer branding". If you are in the top3, it has some PR value...

What do you think?


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Largely a PR exercise I'd think.
There are solid financial reasons to keep flights on time, regardless of any award ceremonies, and I'm sure staff are encouraged to make that happen.