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Some people have families and can’t move to other areas or are attached to a loan. Which pulls $7-8k a month. Whether you fly or not

I know Part 141 schools sometimes fall short of promises but I had no idea it could be this far off. Sorry to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience. Please keep us posted on your progress at the new place. Best of luck!


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Great idea but not realistic.

Republic Airways sounds pretty neat ESPECIALLY the “done in a year” kind of program.

There’s a long corridor in the hanger that looks out into the hanger and see planes worked on by the maintenance crews, and along the walls you see cool pictures painted on their walls with LIFT planes. They also have the expected timeline to get each rating/certificates.

Private Pilot License (PPL) is 2 months, Instrument Rating (IR) is 2 months, Commercial rating is about 6 months… there’s more for your Multi-engine add on and then CFI (certified flight instructor) course.

I started with my classmates January 2022. Excited, stoked and made my move to Indiana from Hawaii. Was familiar with the planes (DA40 and G-1000) and it seemed legit that a small regional would back this academy up.

I went in with a PPL under my belt, I was the only one in my class to have that, everyone was starting from little to no hours of experience.

Orientation was nothing out of the ordinary and introductions to staff members and schedulers.

There’s a TCO (pretty much a syllabus) that tells you what is expected of each lesson and you get to prepare for it, which was great.

— fast forward to July 2022

None of my classmates have a single rating. No PPL no IR. Nothing. In fact, be careful with cross country planning as one of their approved listed airports (Terre Haute KHUF) is not really 50NM it’s 49.6NM. This becomes an issue with FAA.

Once you’re about to finally checkride for your PPL, and AFTER passing your end of course exam with an “approved CFI or stage checker” you are notified such airport is not allowed anymore for cross country. “We have to have you cross country all over again and do the whole end of course exam again… how do you mess this up on an outlined course program.

Long story short, it’s been since January of 2022 and it’s now summer and no single rating has yet to be obtained.

Weather, yeah it’s Indiana and it gets rough. But scheduling. SCHEDULING. They’re always trying to fill up slots when thunderstorms are coming in the next couple days but can’t schedule a stage check for another five days. It then becomes 12-16 days without flying but you’re still expected to finish up lesson 17 successfully. Not like you haven’t flown in a while.

The schedulers are eager to leave at 3:30pm and weekends, no one is to be found. You can’t schedule anything on the weekends when it’s a 7-days a week kind of program. The director of the school has an automated message every Friday at noon saying they’ll be gone for the weekend and there’s this emergency number should anything arise and a manager on duty… who… cannot schedule any flights or stage checks or exams. Only the two ladies in the front can do that, but gotta time it right.

So so much time is wasted when a simple hiring someone over the weekend could help them out so much.

You’re expected to not have a job since this will take up a big part of your life but it’s like they don’t respect your time when mistakes are made or CFI’s are late coming in, or just the program itself is taking longer, it’s just it is what it is. Some people have families and can’t move to other areas or are attached to a loan. Which pulls $7-8k a month. Whether you fly or not

The idea is good, the execution is very weak unfortunately. Either try Part 61 or another school that’s been established with their roots down and actually has something going and rolling. These guys are still figuring it out.

Nice advisors, nice instructors (sometimes you’ll be their first student pilot) and nice planes.

So many more flaws and if you have any questions, hit me up!

Not bashing on this school as I made some friends, some of us transferred to another school to keep this momentum going. But it seems my timeline wasn’t being respected, yes you got to advocate for yourself sometimes but it’s also like you’re a student and shouldn’t have to be the one instructing the instructor what’s next or what to work on.
Any chance we could have an update? Have things improved? I got accepted into Uniteds program but had to turn it down because it was too much of a risk for an unproven program to move across the country. Lift is better because I'm in Cincinnati so I've been looking into it.