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So to redirect back to the topic at hand strangest things I have seen as a ramp agent.

Hazmat Situation:
So as a Ramp Agent at a hub or regional Airport sometimes we will get what is referred to as a Hazmat Situation... Where as we are required to Don the full regal of a Hazmat kit (i.e. Hazmat suit, gloves, cleaning kit, just imagine the sad equivalent to et the movie or zombie apocalypse hazmat suit) Don't forget your ppe. So I Don my trusty armor of hazmat kit ppe ready for what lies ahead. Thinking 🤔 this could be a lavatory issue where most know there's no seat belt in there so when turbulence happens you don't stay seated...

So with me being full kited out in my hazmat suit ppe I walk up the jet bridge stairs ready to face what lies ahead confidently responding to the Hazmat Situation. Walk on to the plane to be greeted by the lead flight attendant. My words " I was told that there was a Hazmat Situation that needs to be addressed." And with out fail and trying to be serious says "Yes there is a Hazmat Situation it is in the AFT part of the plane and to speak with the flight attendant in the back." So I walk back to speak with the flight attendant who works the AFT section of the aircraft. Still determined to fix this Hazmat Situation but having this nagging feeling that something is up. I reach the back of the Aircraft and the AFT flight attendant and again say "I was told that there is a Hazmat Situation I need to deal with." Well needless to say She had the poker face that you could tell something was up. She busted out in laughter so extreme that I could barely get her to say where the problem was, you know that laughter where you can barely breathe. Her words "(laughter)... it... (gasp) is in... (laughter) 21D... (ROTFLOL)." So I walk over to seat 21D. Only to find that it was Dog excrement... 🐕 One of the passengers brought their pocket purse dogs on the plane and it pooed in the Aircraft cabin. So I did the only reasonable and proud thing I scooped and cleaned that poo like a champ and walked off that aircraft in full hazmat suit giggling under my ppe at the whole situation.


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Yeah, pretty much any out of control biological function, man or beast is a hazmat situation. Thanks for going there an dealing with it.


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Working B7 at PHX, I had an older gentleman that didn’t realize his pants kept falling and he was commando. On another I had a situation similar to Jessica’s except right in the entry for the jet bridge as it connected to the terminal